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Michael Meixner, CISSP

DFIR – Cyberforensic & Incident Response Manager

Michael Meixner is a renowned expert in the field of computer forensics, boasting extensive experience and in-depth expertise. As a specialist in digital forensics, he focuses on the examination and analysis of digital evidence to unravel complex cybercrime cases.

With a background in IT security and certification as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Michael Meixner brings profound understanding to the challenges of the modern cyber landscape. His expertise spans various aspects of forensic analysis, including incident response management and digital evidence preservation.

As a forensic investigator, Michael Meixner has already handled numerous cases involving cyberattacks, data loss, and other IT security incidents. His skills range from identifying attack patterns to data recovery in forensically relevant environments.

Michael Meixner is known for his precise investigations and his ability to unravel even the most sophisticated attack techniques. His collaboration with companies and organizations has contributed to closing security gaps and strengthening digital resilience.

In addition to his role as a forensic expert, Michael Meixner actively engages in the advancement of computer forensics as a discipline. Through training sessions, seminars, and expert lectures, he contributes to raising awareness of cybercrime and digital forensics in society.

Michael Meixner – an expert who, with knowledge and passion, tackles the challenges of the digital world and contributes to enhancing the security of our information technologies.