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Evidence Preservation

Tems Security experts secure digital evidence using various forensic procedures

Computers and other data-capturing devices are increasingly prevalent in all areas of life, from online shopping to booking movie tickets and conducting online banking transactions. This ubiquity leaves a “Digital footprint” for each individual. Consequently, digital evidence and the forensic procedures for its collection, preservation, and examination are becoming increasingly crucial in solving crimes and addressing legal issues.

For court-admissible evidence, it is essential that the preservation is carried out promptly and professionally by an experienced computer forensics expert using appropriate computer forensic software and hardware.

To maximize the chances of recovering digital traces, such as through database, email, or network forensics, Tems Security’s computer forensics experts strongly advise companies not to turn on any powered-off IT equipment without the involvement of their trusted forensic expert. This precaution is crucial to prevent the destruction of valuable digital evidence. Court-admissible digital evidence can be found on almost any digital device:

  • Tablets, smartphones, and older mobile phone models
  • Server operating systems (Windows, Linux, virtual machines, embedded systems)
  • Network components (firewalls, switches, IPS, IDS, WAFs, syslog servers, proxy servers)
  • Databases, email servers
  • Gaming consoles (Wii, Xbox, PS3, PSP, …)
  • Digital cameras, digital dictation devices
  • Navigation systems (TomTom Go or navigation devices fixedly installed in cars)
  • Digitization of paper documents (up to 1,000,000 pages)

If you suspect unauthorized disclosure or publication of information in your system, whether through internal or external causes, confidently reach out to us. In the case of an actual cybercrime or data theft, Tems Security’s computer forensics experts analyze your entire digital environment and secure relevant records as evidence from the used networks, storage media, devices, as well as applications and databases.

Tems Security’s IT forensics experts are leaders in their fields, ensuring the best support in all matters of network, system, and computer security. After evidence preservation, data evaluation takes place in our forensic laboratory. However, if company policies or data sensitivity demand it, we are also willing to bring our mobile computer forensic lab to you. As a flexible, exclusively Austrian on-site company in Vienna, our team can typically start data preservation at your location within two hours. Specifically, this means that up to seven computers can be simultaneously secured and analyzed promptly as needed.

Your significant advantage with Tems Security: As an exclusively Austrian company with servers in Austria, your data remains solely in our computer forensic laboratory.

Another advantage: This ensures compliance with strict local data protection regulations. With Tems Security’s expertise, our IT forensics experts can provide you with the assurance of whether, when, and through which services and devices a data breach has occurred or if you have fallen victim to a cyberattack. Moreover, we can remedy the damage using file carving, a forensic technique for reconstructing data, in almost all cases.