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Cyber Forensic

Tems Security’s computer forensic experts analyze and secure evidence after attacks and manipulations

Do you want to identify your vulnerabilities in a timely manner and preempt potential threats? Do you suspect that your network has been infected with malware? And do you want to understand the dangers posed by phishing, hacking, or scamming? Tems Security’s cyber forensic experts provide answers to questions like these and deliver protection tailored specifically to your company.

What is Cyber Forensics? Computer forensics or IT forensics deals with the preservation of evidence from all digital media. A computer forensic analysis is usually a factual presentation of data on the secured media. The computer forensic expert analyzes the evidence, using specialized software, after incidents such as hacking or manipulations. The reconstruction of supposedly deleted data plays a crucial role because in digitally interconnected environments, the deletion of a file does not guarantee the removal of that data record from the system. If you want to be sure and truly delete all data, we can help you with the secure deletion of data while adhering to all Austrian legal regulations. We also assist you in the recovery of deleted data.

Another sensitive area is data theft, where we, as computer forensic experts and the last instance before the court, can secure digital evidence for you. We also help you with so-called DDOS extortion: your site has been paralyzed by hackers and would only be released after paying a ransom. If your system has indeed been attacked, we support you as a competent partner with court-admissible evidence preservation according to international standards. Apart from cyber forensics for the digital realm, Tems Security also offers you the option to initiate analogue investigations through a detective. After all, behind every cybercrime is a “real” perpetrator.