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Mobile Devices

Apps, emails, SMS messages, LAN networks, or services utilizing geo-targeting or GPS—mobile devices almost always communicate with each other, independently and seamlessly

Sending an SMS during lunch? No problem! Checking emails on the train ride home? Almost standard nowadays! Finding a destination using navigation services in the car? Well, how else?! The purpose of mobile devices is to communicate on the go. In doing so, we leverage various networks, unwittingly opening the door to our own data. It’s easy to overlook that these devices consistently and autonomously communicate with each other, constantly sending and recording data in the background, leaving a digital footprint of how and where the device was used. Even the memory cards contain a multitude of data.

Companies should be aware of these facts, especially regarding company devices that are partly connected to the corporate system and partly used privately.

Tems Security utilizes the world’s leading specialized device for extracting data from mobile devices, currently in use in Austria by only three other companies. This allows for the analysis of seemingly well-protected smartphones and a more in-depth evaluation of geo-location data. Our computer forensics experts can even recover deleted data, perform more specific malware analyses, and extract WhatsApp and Facebook messages, not only from smartphones but also from tablets or laptops. Crucial in this process is always a technically accurate, forensic-digital extraction from the device. This is the only way to obtain legally valid evidence, proving that the data is indeed from a specific point in time.

Mobile Devices as Vulnerable Points
It is a misconception that mobile devices, being wireless, are immune to malware or viruses or can operate without protection. This is where Tems Security’s Mobile Forensic comes into play, focusing on evidence preservation and data security for mobile endpoints.

Are you reading this information from Tems Security on your smartphone right now? Or perhaps during your lunch break on your tablet? You’re not alone because in companies, mobile devices—also due to remote work—have become increasingly popular endpoints. In recent years, the percentage of Austrian smartphone owners has steadily risen, reaching around 90 percent of the population aged 15 and above (as of 2022). This makes it the most widespread device for internet use and thus an “interesting” target—especially for hackers looking to steal data or inject spyware into your mobile device to create a comprehensive profile of your personality and movements and make online purchases. In more severe cases, someone might even commit a crime using your name and data.

Where do the biggest dangers lurk? Interfaces, the operating system used, and the numerous apps we readily download from the internet are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Modern mobile devices of the latest generations have an operating system, a browser, and a mail client, capable of storing and executing SMS, MMS, audio, and video recordings. Through the open internet protocol TCP/IP, mobile devices communicate with the outside world anytime and worldwide. Your mobile device connects in various ways via a multitude of interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM, UMTS, GPS—often fully automated and without your knowledge or intervention.

Do you suspect that your phone is being monitored? That spyware has been installed, and you’re being listened to? That a leak is siphoning off crucial data? Regardless of whether it’s due to your own actions or external influence, if you have the slightest suspicion, turn to the Forensic Laboratory of Tems Security. With our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can quickly provide you with assurance about whether you’ve fallen victim to a cyber-attack and whether your information has been illicitly disclosed or published. In addition, as a professional Mobile Forensic Laboratory, we can remedy data-related damages on your mobile device in almost all cases.

Malicious or spy software may have been installed on your device either from the internet by an unknown hacker or intentionally with ulterior motives by someone in your vicinity. Tems Security is a leader in the field of Mobile Forensic and can guarantee you the best support in all matters of network, system, and computer security. If you want to be absolutely sure, contact us today: We’ll discuss the next steps with you, promptly start the data reconstruction process, and find out if and who is spying on you.

What to do if the unexpected happens, which should never happen? If you or your company have fallen victim to phishing, malware, network spoofing, or similar, the experts at Tems Security secure digital evidence using recognized methods of forensic data analysis and analyze them to be admissible in court. The science of Mobile Forensic serves the retrospective investigation of possible crimes and security incidents on all mobile devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, and GPS devices.

  • Tems Security can currently identify unwanted spyware on 7771 devices of various manufacturers and brands for you.
  • Our cybersecurity team accesses the main memory with state-of-the-art tools of IT forensics and can even recover deleted data.
  • Thanks to our up-to-date equipment and innovative software for Mobile Forensic, we can also break into commonly used proprietary interfaces and implementations of manufacturers, gaining access to the data.

Spyware – Suspected Phone Surveillance?
Several signs indicate that unwanted software might be running in the background of your smartphone.

  • High data usage: A spy app not only spies on data but also sends it to the person surveilling, making it extensive in terms of functions.
  • Reduced battery life due to the higher power consumption of the spy app.
  • Limited system performance, as the spy app consumes a considerable amount of RAM and CPU power.
  • Unexplained device heat can also indicate the strong background activity of a spying app.

Malware Initial Analysis of Your Mobile Phone
In the computer forensic laboratory of Tems Security or at your location, we examine your smartphone for malware and other threats.

To conduct a search and analysis for possible malware, you can either send your device to us by post or bring it to us in person. The subsequent steps are:

  • Our team creates a legally admissible evidence backup (a copy of your device) from your smartphone or tablet.
  • We analyze your smartphone in collaboration with the world’s leading provider in the field of mobile forensics directly in our in-house computer forensic laboratory.
  • If necessary, we also examine your smartphone at your location in your company or at your home.
  • Every analysis conducted by Tems Security is verified again after completion by our generally sworn and judicially certified expert in computer forensics for quality reasons.
  • After the analysis is completed, you receive a report on the project’s outcome from us—usually via email within 48 hours.
  • In the event of identifying potential malware, you receive the legally admissible copy made at the beginning from us free of charge for possible further steps.
  • With this image of your device, either we or a law enforcement agency can then begin a more in-depth analysis. We are happy to advise you on your options.

With all these quality features, you can expect full professionalism with every order from us. The entire Tems Security team is committed to strict confidentiality and acts solely in accordance with the current “Code of Ethics” and the Austrian Data Protection Act.