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IT Audits

Tems Security experts audit and secure your network.

Wireless LAN networks are popular targets for hackers. The reason such attacks can be quite successful is that WLAN networks communicate not through cables but essentially through open space, and their range is limited not by cable length but by the strength of radio signals. Suspect that your WLAN network is being used not only by authorized users but also by unauthorized individuals? Then you should turn to the experts at Tems Security and have your network checked for security vulnerabilities.

The process follows these steps:

1. Step
– You commission us to test your system.
2. Step
– With your consent, we gain access to your network and exploit existing security vulnerabilities to penetrate the system
3. Step
– Subsequently, we present you with the results of the WLAN penetration audit

Additional steps may follow:

  • Consultation
    If our attack was successful, we are happy to advise you on how to protect your system from unwanted intruders in the future. This may include advice on hardware and software applications, as well as training to raise awareness among your employees regarding data security.
  • Follow-up Test
    A possible retest can be conducted to assess how effective the implementation of a new firewall system was or how well your employees have internalized and put into practice security policies in their daily operations.

Our goal is to secure your system against external criminal attacks in the future. Trust in the expertise of Tems Security to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data.