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Incident response

Focused on Security: Swift and Effective Incident Response for a Secure Digital Future

Handling Your Ransomware Attack
A ransomware attack poses a serious threat to any business, and a swift and effective response is crucial. As an Austrian company, Tems-Security offers straightforward and reliable services available 24/7 to assist you in such crisis situations. Our expertise in defending and mitigating ransomware attacks sets us apart.

We understand the urgency of such incidents and, therefore, guarantee a 24×7 readiness to respond promptly to your needs. Our team of experienced security experts is equipped with the latest knowledge and advanced technologies to stand by you quickly and effectively.

A particular aspect of our service offering is the provision of specialized hardware for data recovery. These hardware solutions are designed to expedite and simplify the restoration of your systems, minimizing operational disruptions. With Tems-Security, you have a partner who not only reacts in times of crisis but also works proactively to enhance your resilience against future threats. Once we arrive, we take care of the following:

Forensic Investigation
Thanks to our certified forensic skills and equipment, we can help you precisely understand the details of the security incident (cause) and respond accordingly. We collect objective information suitable for potential legal actions.

Assisting Your Recovery
With our extensive experience in recovery, we help you resume your business responsibly and swiftly. While your systems are offline, we support you in communicating with your stakeholders and business partners.

Negotiation Handling
In a ransomware attack, negotiations with attackers are a critical moment. We understand that each case is unique and adjust our strategies accordingly. Our team is not only familiar with the intricacies of cybercriminals but also with the latest techniques and tactics used in such scenarios.

We assess the credibility of threats and demands to ensure no unnecessary concessions are made, considering the legal and ethical implications of each decision. Our goal is to find a solution that enables data recovery while minimizing the risk of future attacks.

Our experts work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive negotiation strategy. We provide guidance on payment modalities if unavoidable and assist in establishing secure communication channels. We prioritize maintaining the confidentiality and security of your data throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, we offer training and recommendations on how to better protect your systems and networks to avoid similar incidents in the future. Our post-incident care also includes an analysis of events to draw lessons for the future and strengthen your resilience against such threats.