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Server Security by Tems Security

Strategic Cyber Forensics Investigations and Penetration Testing, Providing Admissible Court Evidence

In any system, the server plays a critical role as it functions as the brain behind numerous pieces of information. Additionally, it provides utilities, data, or other resources for other devices or programs to access, usually over a network. If there is an attack or manipulation in this sensitive data area, it can have far-reaching consequences.

As attacks on servers are typically coordinated and planned actions (Cybercrime), Tems Security’s computer forensics experts initially secure the system through a procedure that captures the system’s state at a specific point in time. Only this procedure serves as the basis for the judicial decision in court.

Subsequently, we conduct strategic cyber forensic investigations to answer questions such as:

  • Is there a hacker attack behind this?
  • Was the intent of the perpetrators solely data theft?
  • Who accessed the system, when, and where, bypassing security measures?
  • Where is the vulnerability?
  • And how can clear evidence be found for these questions?

Tems Security’s computer forensics experts quickly shed light on the digital darkness. Every command on systems, every action within them, and every movement in the network leaves digital traces. While evidence preservation and criminal investigation are part of our service offerings, preventing a digital attack in the first place is even better. To protect your system against attacks beforehand, we also assist you with strategic analyses for the prevention of cybercrime. Additionally, we provide employee training and put your system to the test with penetration tests to ensure its robustness and security.