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Internet Extortion

Protection money extortion? Data theft? Extortion? With Tems Security’s international network, it is possible to trace your extortionists around the world

Are you being blackmailed with a video? Have you received a blackmail email? Has your computer been infected with ransomware, encrypting data and demanding a ransom for release? In terms of cybercrime and extortion, DDoS attacks are especially known from the media, which criminals have been using for over 20 years to deliberately harm companies and institutions. One of the largest DDoS attacks to date was the attack on GitHub, a file hosting service for online development projects: On February 28, 2018, a record-breaking data flood of 1.35 terabits per second hit the servers of the online service. The online service Feedly also fell victim to targeted internet extortion: Unknown perpetrators paralyzed the website and demanded a ransom. The web guerrilla Anonymous has also carried out hacking attacks on companies and government institutions, destroying data in some cases or releasing it with considerable damage.

Especially for companies in the shipping or banking sector that offer their services online, such collapses of online pages not only represent a loss of brand image and trust but usually also a loss of operations and enormous subsequent costs for administration, crisis management, and customer or public relations. Prevention is therefore better than regret. Tems Security is happy to support you with years of experience and the necessary know-how, and above all with our cooperation partners, such as our detective agency. With our detectives, we continue the digital search for the perpetrators in the real world (on-site securing, reconnaissance).