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Car Forensic

Tems Security’s Car Forensic specialists can uncover every digital trace left by a perpetrator in a vehicle

Consider this typical scenario: A car owner reports that his car was not where he parked it the night before. The police issue an alert, and shortly thereafter, the vehicle is located abroad, leading to the arrest of the thief. His “mistake”: operating the car with a self-programmed duplicate key, leaving a digital trail that led investigators to him. It is a misconception to believe that cars with numerous electronic components are immune to theft. Criminals can intercept signals from transponder keys, deactivate electronic immobilizers, or program a key blank. However, such manipulations also leave traces.

This is where we come in! When your car becomes evidence, Tems Security’s experts are your go-to professionals! We have skilled Car Forensic specialists equipped with state-of-the-art Vehicle Forensics tools capable of extracting and analyzing all data from your car. Using Car Forensic methods, Tems Security’s experts can identify even the smallest digital evidence left by a perpetrator in a vehicle. Similar to computer forensics, the onboard computer is initially secured for admissibility in court. Subsequently, specialized software is used to analyze all information possible according to the manufacturer and model.

As a court-certified expert in IT systems and computer forensics, we provide admissible, objective, and independent expert opinions in the field of Car Forensic for insurance companies, public prosecutors, courts, businesses, and private individuals.