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IT Security Consulting

Tems Security is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, offering a wide range of services, from firewall audits and penetration tests to employee training and legal consulting

If you need a vulnerability assessment for your IT, aim to protect your business from data theft, hacks, and cybercrime, suspect malware infections, or require general IT security consulting, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to assist you with all your IT security-related inquiries.

Our collaborative partners include attorneys specializing in various IT topics. Additionally, we can integrate auditors and tax inspectors as needed in our consultations to provide you with a tailored comprehensive package that meets your specific requirements.

Furthermore, we have partnerships with experienced senior consultants in all seven network layers, including ITIL, the ISO 27000 family, AML, Audit, Storage, Virtualization, and Long-Term Archiving. To clarify or confirm suspicions and strengthen the factual basis in court, we also collaborate with traditional detective agencies and can provide this service upon request.

Our services encompass policy creation (e.g., IT policies), software consulting, data center establishment, information provider services, audits, infrastructure services, as well as the installation of VoIP and firewalls in your company. We collaborate with you to develop and implement security-related measures in your business, including regulatory compliance monitoring, data protection, IT staff monitoring, identity and access management, firewall audits, security architecture setup and monitoring, as well as electronic and digital forensic investigations. We also work closely with other executives to establish disaster recovery and business continuity management.