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Penetrations tests

How easily can cybercriminals gain access to your system? A penetration test conducted by Tems Security provides clarity.

Your system may be secured, and nothing may have happened so far, but can it withstand a cyberattack? To be absolutely certain, with the agreement of a trusted individual and your consent, we become your personal hackers. This involves conducting a penetration test, where we attack your company, assessing various aspects such as your existing IT infrastructure (networks and IT systems) and web applications (e.g., online shops, customer portals, online banking) for potential vulnerabilities that could provide criminals with attack surfaces for cyber attacks. The goal is to identify weaknesses and security gaps and assess potential threats optimally.

There are two variants for the penetration tests we conduct:

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing

These two methods differ in that, in one case, the system is tested without knowledge of its internal functioning/implementation (White Box Testing). In another case, one is equipped with system knowledge (Black Box Testing) and can thus determine the extent to which, from a personal knowledge perspective, such as an employee of a specific access category, one would be able to access system areas unrelated to the employee’s deployment and scope of work.

For employees, we also offer awareness training, educating them on how to behave during house searches and raids from a data security perspective. As a backup to these awareness training sessions, we offer simulated real-time tests that unfold deceptively realistically (Mock Dawn Raid). During these house searches, we test the application knowledge of employees—what they have learned in training—and evaluate their behavior.