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Hacker Attack

Take the appropriate tools in hand to protect yourself from hackers. Ideally, do it now—before anything happens!

According to the Cybercrime Report of the Federal Criminal Police Office, in 2021, the number of reported cybercrime cases increased by 28.6% within a year, from 35,915 in 2020 to 46,179 reports. This includes cases of internet fraud, as well as RDDoS attacks or manipulations through hacker attacks. If your system has also been targeted by hackers, you should not waste any time. There are several things you can do yourself, including:

  1. First and foremost, secure the system with professional analysis software and a corresponding procedure that is valid in court and meets international standards, recognized by all affected parties (insurance, courts, etc.).
  2. Conduct a virus scan and search your PC for malicious files and programs. Uninstall any software that seems suspicious.
  3. Disconnect your computer from the internet. If the hacker is accessing your PC remotely, they can only do so with an existing internet connection. Disable it and check if it affects your PC’s performance.
  4. If you feel that your computer is running slower than usual, check its usage.

In case of hacker attacks, Tems Security provides professional assistance, both in evidence collection and investigation. Together, we address questions such as whether, when, how, by whom, and to what extent your system was attacked. Did the attack come from external sources, or was your system attacked by internal entities? What data was the target of the attack? Were data actually deleted? How can they be recovered? As a competent partner, we guide you through the process and assist you with forensic evidence preservation, documentation, analysis, and investigation.

The experts at Tems Security are also available for consultation on “Information and IT Security Measures,” ranging from technical optimization and awareness training to social engineering tests. In these tests, we assess how difficult it is for employees to gain physical access to your company and sensitive data areas.