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Home Entertainment

Gaming consoles, media boxes, TVs, and more are now online, just like laptops, making them potential targets for cybercrime.

Modern households have become “smart,” integrating various work and entertainment areas that can be controlled via mobile devices. From digital door locks, lighting control, garden irrigation, smart outlets, intelligent heating and cooling systems to video doorbells—diverse wireless smart home solutions can easily be connected through a Wi-Fi network. Interconnected home technology fascinates and simplifies daily life, but it also poses risks. The primary danger is not just that your TV might turn on and off by itself. With a bit of hacker know-how, smart TVs can easily be turned into eavesdropping centers. Once a Smart Home is compromised, it can grant cybercriminals access to sensitive data.

The most significant vulnerabilities in smart homes include:

  • Network devices
  • Printers
  • Network storage
  • Security cameras
  • Set-top/media boxes
  • Remote controls
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles

If the system is attacked or crashes, there’s a high risk that multiple isolated system components are affected, leading to data losses. Issues such as malicious software, virus problems, hacker attacks, or concerns about unauthorized Wi-Fi usage become prevalent.

Do alarm bells ring for you? Do you seek answers to questions like:

  • Who can read or easily discover passwords at these vulnerabilities?
  • Can I ensure there’s no malware running in the background of my network?
  • Who might access the system’s depth, where genuinely sensitive data like private photos and videos reside?
  • WWho could tap into company data stored in the private domain that requires special protection?

To ensure your peace of mind, leverage the expertise and specialized software of a professional. Let our IT security specialists at Tems Security comprehensively assess your digital environment. Within a short timeframe, you’ll receive the relevant answers tailored to your needs.