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Source Code Analyse

As part of continuous monitoring, Tems Security oversees your system 24/7, seven days a week

Source Code Analysis identifies potential security risks present directly in the source code. This approach is crucial as continuous scrutiny of data is necessary to maintain system security at a high level. This entails initially establishing security processes and, based on that foundation, implementing monitoring to ensure compliance with these security processes. The most secure method for this is the Continuous Monitoring approach, where an IT auditor constantly monitors the underlying security mechanisms of the system.

Any modern monitoring using forensic methods includes an iterative approach (scoring) that makes ad hoc adjustments to processes according to a defined security scheme and continuously evolves and improves the system. Tems Security strongly recommends adopting this approach based on system size or the sensitivity of the protected data. Our experts support you in all aspects of monitoring, from consultation through implementation to ongoing quality control.