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Data Analysis

Tems Security’s computer forensic experts create documented digital evidence chains for court proceedings.

What experience do you have with cyber attacks? According to “Statista,” a provider of market and consumer data, around 67 percent of Austrian companies surveyed in 2022 were victims of a cyber attack in the last twelve months. A positive factor: Alongside digital crimes, the clearance rate also increased. In many cases, one of the crucial points for evidence preservation was the desktop computers of companies, which serve as central storage and action devices in almost every organization. Through these digital “brains,” data is networked, stored, processed, and transmitted. They have numerous security and storage mechanisms that, even after a superficial deletion of data, can be traced or reconstructed in the system’s depth through the combination and recombination of data traces.

Only experienced computer forensic experts can collect and secure evidence from a specific computer device using investigative and analytical techniques so that it can be presented in court as a documented evidence chain. In the digital realm, every movement leaves digital traces: starting from the desktop, clues and traces on mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, or tablets can point to the instruments used in the crime. Additionally, connections with databases, servers, cloud services, and mobile services almost always provide insight into the criminal activity. In combination with data from household or company internal servers, LAN networks, charging and activity logs, backup servers, and connected or synchronized storage media, Tems Security’s computer forensic experts can secure evidence or even recover seemingly lost data. Tems Security secures and analyzes these traces for you, making them admissible as evidence in court.

Is your issue extremely urgent? What priority does the preservation work have? Are your data highly sensitive? Evidence preservation can easily be carried out at your location with our mobile forensic lab. If you call today, we’ll be at your service tomorrow.