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Tems Security provides protection against spies and data theft with professional expertise

Clicking on the link of a seemingly familiar company without much thought – and it can happen! In an instant, your computer is infected with so-called malware (“Malicious Software”), which is malicious software! Malware can infect computers and other devices through various methods and appear in different forms, such as viruses, worms, trojans, or spyware. Malware, disguised as ordinary software, usually operates in the background.

This malicious software manipulates existing files, sends information from the system to external parties, and actively deletes data. Malware can also disable existing security programs. Even after proper uninstallation, harmful fragments may remain in the system and continue to operate unnoticed.

To permanently remove malware, professional know-how is required, and Tems Security is ready to assist you. Through the investigation and analysis of our IT forensic experts:

  • We can demonstrate through which channel such malware or malicious function has penetrated your system
  • We provide you with legally admissible evidence and a complete analysis of the damage caused
  • We also offer advice based on our vulnerability analysis for upgrading your system. We test the existing security products on your system, providing you with a concrete and practically derived basis for comparison/li>