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Backup Tapes

Storage security is crucial, especially when it comes to backup tapes

Tape backup, also known as tape storage, refers to the regular copying of data from a primary storage device to a tape cassette, allowing for data recovery in the event of a hard drive crash or failure. Tape backups can be performed manually or automatically programmed with appropriate software. In the case of a forensic investigation, these backup tapes can undergo evidence preservation, analysis, and evaluation that holds up in court. An analysis of security measures and the determination of compliance or violation can be substantiated. This process helps compensate for your claims or damages resulting from data theft or cybercrime.

Tems Security’s computer forensic experts not only analyze the stored contents but also:

  • The system’s state (whether it was on, off, or in standby mode)
  • Passwords and log lists
  • Authorized accesses by employees
  • Actual system accesses made.

However, the fact remains: Once deleted data on tapes that have not been digitized cannot be recovered. Therefore, we are ready to support and advise you in setting up your system optimally.

This entails: How to establish a digital backup system that ensures storage security and, most importantly, data access security with a few simple rules and a predefined workflow? Tems Security has the answers to these questions and more!